Gariep pitstop

My wife, Michelle, and I recently headed to Dundee to attend her sister’s wedding and I conveniently booked us in at a resort below the Gariep Dam wall for a stop over to break the long trip from the Cape. The fishing was slightly slower if compared to the Richtersveld, but the quality of the […]

Recently caught 17 kg Largemouth Yellowfish on bait

If you wish to catch a golden mahseer travelling to India is understandable, but if you are looking for a big yellowfish on fly, stick to South Africa. This is my aim and what every fly fisherman should strive for when targeting largemouth yellows in our country. Would love to hear from anyone who’s caught […]

Bumpies from Above

Bumpies are often referred to as being farm animals, swimming in herbs rather than shoals, etc. This is why!

Mole crab / sea lice -version 1

This is my first go at the Mole Crab, which is apparently one of the Pompanos favourite meals.  Locally we call them Sea Lice, but only recently did I find out that’s a misnomer.  “Sea Lice” are actually Amphipods, and they eat fish, not the other way round. My next one will have a darker […]