Investigating Stationary

Jack Samson wrote about a British carp fly fisherman who fished at Turneffe (or one of the surrounding islands) who caught something like 18 permit

The K-Crab gets some action

David Sharples just returned from St Brandons.  I didnt know he was taking some of these guys and so it was a present surprise to

Giant flies

I read a story once about some anglers in Kosi Bay not being able to get bites because the GT’s we’re locked on to wave

Petes Surgeon Crab

I designed this guy for shallow reefs.  It had to stay up-right in all sorts of situations and land with as little splash as possible. 

Grunters At Night

Going to farther and/or deeper doesn’t always guarantee you fish, because the best time for man to fish, isn’t always the best time for the fish to feed.

Fishing Ugly Crabs

The first time I threw a crab pattern at a fish, I got denied. And so was the case for the second, third and so