This makes me want to surf

Donald Brink and the story of one of his asymmetric designs done in wood. via Will Benson

Wade Caranx (first impressions) Review

With the impending Blue Fin season in the Med fast approaching, Fabien ordered himself the new Wade reel in size CARANX. Seeing as I played

A Guide To Tigerfishing

This article was published in the current issue of Fishing Wild Magazine. This magazine can be ordered by visiting: A Guide To Tigerfishing The tooth,

Transkei Tenkara

Rex Fey has been at it again. He recently acquired for himself a TenkaraUSA rod. He took it out on ‘A Stream Called Nowhere’ recently

Wade Reel Teaser

In a follow up to Pete’s Wade Reel post, here’s a little video advert…  

Scott Radian

It’s almost old news by now… But I still want one. Thanks to Gink and Gasoline for the vid.

8 wt shootout

This link was sent to me by Edward Truter, a man that is now a G Loomis NRX convert. The article is worth looking at if

Grunter and a SUP

A while back I took a paddle on Ian Kitching’s SUP Paddlefisher. What an awesome piece of equipment. Below is a short POV of Ian

The ultimate flats boots

So there has been a lot of interest in these boots since I posted how awesome they performed.  You would think that when designing flats

Kit review Oman

Someone asked me an interesting question the other day on the Oman trip.  If there is one piece of kit that stood out.  What would

Tibor Rebuild Time

My Tibor was in dire need for replacement parts before Oman.  Instead of doing the rebuild I decided to take the kit along, hoping it

Beulah’s Surf Fly Rods

Although I use 9ft 10wt rods for most of the fishing (surf zone and estuaries) I recently started using a 9/10wt 11ft Beulah switch rod,

Ryan Weaver’s River Bag

Ryan is a fish farmer and family man. He, like Rex, seems to keep it simple and makes me feel like I have too much

What’s in Rex’s River Bag

“My fishing stuff is so basic that it will make your trip look like a maplotter fishing trip.” – Rex Fey on being told, by

What’s in Fred’s Small Stream Bag

Gear is something that we as fly fishermen spend copious amounts of time dreaming about, researching, envying, buying, wanting, testing… You know what I mean

GoPro tech for Oman

In the search of the ultimate Gopro mount for Oman, Theo and his old man may have invented something phenomenal.  There are some locals that



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