Tailing Grunter

It was too calm to fish… So I got out the DSLR.  You’ve got to love these fish.

Tails of Frustration

Our cat Charlie often stares through our flat window, his eyes compulsively fixed on grey Loeries, feeding just a few grasps ahead. The only way i can understand his consuming frustration, is when i’m watching these spotted mud squirters, tailing a few feet in-front of me. Nervous twitch disorder. – Blonde Elvis. fellow fly fisher […]

A few days in the Route

I love climbing in the car in Cape Town to set off Eastwards. Towards Knysna, the Garden Route and Home. You just have to love Africa 😀 With three weeks of fishing coming up, I was as excited as ever. My first mission was a detour close to Mossel Bay just to check the condition […]

Grunter Thoughts

I happened upon one of my journals this past weekend. It’s from 2009 mostly and figured it’d make an interesting read. As I was paging through it having a chuckle at odd insights and strange thoughts, I came across the following the entry. Obviously I had had a frustrating morning on the mud flats at […]

Grunter Frustrations

Got a WhatsApp message from a friend this morning. He’s at beautiful spot in the Southern Cape. He was up early. And his message read: “got dissed by grunter after grunter this morning” Welcome to the grunter party Sam 🙂 You’ll get one yet. And thanks for making me jealous.    

Investigating Stationary

Jack Samson wrote about a British carp fly fisherman who fished at Turneffe (or one of the surrounding islands) who caught something like 18 permit in a weeks fishing.  His first ever trip fishing for Permit.  Astounded he called and asked the guy what his secret was.  The response was, “well, I just fished for […]

Good Afternoon

I got 3 of these little guys in quick succession this afternoon.  I also missed two that I pricked and lost one when my fly line got stuck between my stripping basket.  The tide just didn’t seem to come in this afternoon…so I was left to fish the kiddies area.  Was good fun in 15-30cm […]

Early Season Grunts

It was a tough day.  On the water at 6am and off it at 6:30PM.  An algae bank had grown across my usual flat which meant the fish couldn’t move on to it from the channel.  Change of tactics.  I started looking for fish on the sand and at 4pm they started to move on […]