Aussie salmon on sight

Photo essay by Liam Surridge We see a lot of nice fishing photographs on the internet, but only a few of those make us go “Wow! I need to experience that!”. Liam Surridge moved to Perth a few years ago and it seems he’s decided to stay for good. I don’t blame the bugger considering the […]

Deka at 10 mm

Photo essay of a fly camp to the Zambezi Deka Drum above Lake Kariba (all photographs by Leonard Flemming, unless credited otherwise) (This is the first of a series of articles that will describe my experience in the Deka area) Well-travelled African fishing and hunting explorers, Alex Jordaan and Russell De La Harpe (from Zambia and […]

Shilton Saltwater SL series review continued…

This is the second review in a series of on-going articles that will focus on the performance of the Shilton Saltwater SL series reels. The reviews may include photos and information on the SL6, SL7 and SL8 reels. Correction: I’d like to start this post with a correction pointed out by Chad Hubbard from Shilton […]

46 kg GT on fly!

It is a privilege for me to announce that one of the very big GT’s landed on the Socotra Island archipelago trip in October 2014 was caught on a fly from the shore. In my previous post ( I mentioned that there were opportunities to catch very large GT’s (30 – 60 kg) and bonefish […]

Shilton Saltwater SL Series Review

I recently had the opportunity to test two saltwater Shilton models on a trip to the Socotra Islands. The Shilton kit included the saltwater SL6 (that easily supports an 8 wt to 10 wt outfit in my opinion) and saltwater SL8 (that supports a 14 wt + outfit); the former for bonefish and smaller in-shore […]

Langebaan – a Cainozoic sea…

Text and photos by Leonard Flemming Our coastline was formed in the latest era of geologic time, the Cainozoic (derived from Greek, meaning “new life”), which spanned over the last 65.5 million years. During this period, modern continents were formed and saltwater bays resulted from fluctuating sea levels and the erratic topography of the earth’s […]