Lesotho: First Awakenings

If Ryan and I were waaaay excited about testing the waters on our first, Rex was beyond! I can only describe his early morning keenness to fish as ‘savage’! I’ve always believed in keeping fairly gentlemanly hours when trout fishing but that morning I rather keen myself and was eager for a 6am start and […]

Lesotho: Arrival

Thanks to the Neon Charity Party the night before, I left Cape Town on Saturday with a hangover. Luckily it wasn’t long before I picked up Ryan Weaver, abandoned with backpack beside one of the Cape’s finest dry fly streams, the Smalblaar. The river was looking is great shade and a few fly fishers, dresse […]

Lesotho Rising

Until now it has been email conversations and finalising the dates. Avers has had to bail because of MBA – poor lad – and we’re still waiting for Weavs to give a yay or nay. Rex and I, however, are definitely going. This trip has been 10 years in the making. Rex has been needling […]