Hasta la Vista, Jimmy

It was judgment day, Jimmy had a week left in the South before he had to leave on assignment to fight metal off Angola’s coast and it was the last day on which we could hunt together before the fronts came. He got word from the resistance in the West that the uprising had arrived; […]

20 000 millimeters under the sea

It was another ice cold morning of full sunshine in the Cape. My nose was blocked and sinuses aching from a cold I couldn’t shake. I had been a grumpy man for a week. I’d had so many colds and flu’s from the messed up weather that I had forgotten what a normal day felt […]

Unusual suspects

The first time I saw a Cape gurnard that was caught on fly was on Peter Coetzee’s old site, Born to Fly Fish. I got a few on bait, hand-lining offshore at Kleinmond in my primary school years, but never thought that one would actually manage to get them on fly tackle. These are said […]

What separates the men from the boys (?) – Part two: The DMA

This is the 2nd post in a series of articles that will focus in part on ethics of fishing and modern progression in fly fishing (in a South African context) Progression – ‘The process of developing gradually towards a more advanced state’ (Oxford Dictionaries) Saltwater fly fishing used to be the most intimidating discipline to […]

Winter Sessions 2015 – Part 2

Far Out I am not the most dedicated saltwater fly fisherman. I find saltwater fly fishing tough and intimidating and especially so in South African coastal waters. We have undoubtedly some of the best off-shore fishing in the world, but 25 mile boat trips aren’t cheap and rewarding conditions for fly anglers that wish to […]

Jimmys Raccoon

Jimmy Eagleton is the sand shark king.  His flies have evolved over years and years, however the first fly he gave me years ago has been my go-to fly for a long time.  It doesn’t really have a name from its owner, but its aggressive and grizzly and furry, so Raccoon it shall be. Jimmys […]