The Trout of Wind River Canyon

Photo essay by Jim Klug ( While Wyoming’s Wind River country rivers are by no means new or undiscovered, what is new is that long-time guide and outfitter Darren Calhoun has opened a lodge on the banks of the Wind River in the middle of the Canyon (a place we feel is the most exciting […]

Caribbean Espionage

A pattering pictorial through coastal Belize Photographs by Jim Klug Location: Central America, bordering the Caribbean Sea, between Guatemala and Mexico Weather: Tropical (very hot and humid). Rainy season: May to November; dry season: February to May. History: After the downfall of Mayan cities that ruled the area until the end of the first millennium, […]

Alaska roundup

Photographs by Jim Klug Bristol Bay: Dillingham area Dillingham is situated in Nushagak Bay where the Nushagak River mouths to the Bering Sea.  Once known as the Pacific salmon capital of the world, Dillingham still offers large salmon runs and is a prime fishing destination, especially for king salmon. Naknek and Kvichak Rivers Many […]

Kulik Rainbows

Photographs by Jim Klug Kulik River The Kulik River drains the Kulik Lake and spills into the Nonvianuk Lake in the Katmai region of Alaska. A popular rainbow trout destination, the Kulik offers trout in abundance and up to 25 inches long. Fishing takes place on foot in the shallow, gin clear waters that stretch […]

Copper salmon run

Photos by Jim Klug Copper River Basin As with most remote fishing destinations in Alaska, the upper reaches of the Copper River is reached by float-equipped aircraft during the peak season. Several lakes in the area are stocked with a variety of freshwater fish, including coho salmon and Arctic char. Three species of anadromous North […]

Yukon Pike

Photos by Jim Klug Contributor profile The name Jim Klug spells “fly fishing” and not only in the States, but on a global scale.  Jim, accompanied by his golden retriever, guided clients on Montana’s network of trout rivers as a youngster and eventually started his own fly fishing guiding company called Yellow Dog Outfitters (named after […]

Finned aliens of Kashmir

Photos by Jim Klug When you fly over India the yellow land far below seems dusty and dry. It looks like a desert planet in a Star Wars scene and a landscape one would associate with drought and certainly not fishing. But it is the exception to the rule that gets us talking, like the fact that […]