Gin and Crabs

I’ve never been the biggest stillwater fan. I’ve always preferred the ever changing, almost petulant mood of moving water whether it be stream, river or tidal push… However to every norm there is an exception. And small, crystal clear spring fed ponds are that exception for me. There’s string of such ponds nestled in the mountains […]

Cape Point Yellowtail

Richard Wale posted this very cool vid about catching Yellowtail off Cape Point. If you haven’t chased them off the Point yet, do it – it’s super fun outing that will leave you weak kneed and smiling! Enjoy and thanks to Richard for sharing!  

Big Fish, Small Stream

Darryl Lampert posted this clip of Leonard Fleming going big on a tiny stream. It really is miniscule water but the size of that trout is truly trophy! Nice work gents! Photos are of Darryl’s fish by Leonard.

The Photos of Darryl Lampert

Darryl Lampert has long kept local Cape trootists drooling with his magical photos. Understated and full of colour and harmony, his photos and articles have graced the pages of several magazines. Enjoy the photos!   Darryl also manages to catch the odd fish…

Witvis Exploration

South Africa has seven species of yellowfish. The Witvis or White Fish is not considered a true yellowfish(Papermouth and Clanwilliam Sawfish are included here). It’s a chromosomal thing that separates them. But they are still fly targetable indigenous fish! Barbus Andrewi naturally occurs in the Berg/Breede River systems of the Western Cape. Once considered a […]

More Witels

Below a few images of a few Witels trips that go back to varsity days. Enjoy the photos…

Reminiscing: Jan du Toits

In amongst Rex’s photos of far (and near) flung African trout was a folder that included some photos from one of our Jan du Toits trips. We were in varsity, keen to hit any water, sleep on the boulders and explore. They were good days. Enjoy the photos…