The ultimate flats boots

So there has been a lot of interest in these boots since I posted how awesome they performed.  You would think that when designing flats boots, weight would be the #1 factor.  And grip.  So it still baffles me that the usual offerings are heavy as hell, with about as much grip as the bottom […]

Me and my crabs

This is young Peter.  Id been fly fishing for about 6 years at this point, my flies were shocking imitations of those patterns developed in the american south east.  Seaducers, charlies, deceivers. An even younger Peter had an obsession with crabs, which along with model cars were my favourite thing.  I couldn’t watch people eat […]

Friday Picdump – Brad Morgans awesome adventure

Brad Morgan has Walter Mitty’d himself over to South Island, NZ.  Combining two of my favourite things.  Aviation and fly fishing. He swears he won’t leave until he breaks the 10lb mark.  A text this morning from him read “fished this remote river for 3 hours, we got six fish.  Biggest rainbow 6/7lbs, about a […]

The Dorado Mystery Solved

You might have noticed the catch of the week in the right hand margin.  There has been much debate as to to legitimacy of that catch and photo.  Knysna lagoon (for those non South Africans) is an estuary system on the South East coast of South Africa.  Water temperatures in the lagoon, and out in […]

MIssion Oman – The last two

We effectively had two days of fishing left before the bad weather arrived.  We’d already seen the warnings, and the dropping barometer was possibly the reason for the more aggressive feeding behaviour. I would play guide and photographer, my final mission was to get pictures of these fish feeding and tailing.  No more fish were […]

Mission Oman Day 9 and 10 – First Blood

Day 9 (15 December 2013) We’re positive this morning.  It was a funny night.  The outhouse tents and shower tents at camp guantanamo blew over, so we finally had some human interaction to watch while we had our corn flakes, milk powder and water. The tide is starting to fit perfectly now.  It starts to drop […]

Mission Oman – Day 1 and 2

DAY 1  (07 December 2013) We woke up to the sounds of low geared, battered up and rusted land cruiser bakkies taking fisherman to the nearest village.  The Bengali fisherman locked on us with their trademark stare.  We drove around to find cell reception and then called Ray. He was on the way to our […]