Thundercats and Carp in the poo hatch of 2015

We went Carping because the meteorologists were anticipating a horrendous storm.  The majority of our usual spots were forecast to be rained out and blown out.  If we would brave the weather we’d do it close enough to home that it wouldn’t be too much of a run back with our tails between our legs. […]


This reminds me of the telescopic poles we used in art-lure leagues (1995 – 2000) to catch carp (some with an elastic similar to the Tenkara concept) – I’m afraid this is nothing ‘new’ Mike Ward, but cool movie;)

The Devil’s Armpit

As part of the Urban Fly Fishing theme we’ve had going lately, here’s a another Cape Town city spot. It gets a bit siff and dirty but there are fussy carp and bass (and two big gold fish that I have a bone to pick with!). It’s also a 2 min drive from home, close […]

Improved Bloody Squirmy

The Bloody Squirmy fly that I tied for carp successfully fooled fish (; however, the fly didn’t last very long due to the thread cutting into the squirmy wormy rubber material, which eventually peeled off the hook shank like scabs from an old wound. Not even UV resin could hold the damaged rubber in place (which […]

Misty Carpin’

The early curtain peep after a late night revealed a Cape Town that looked like the colour had been drained from the air. It was bone-rattling cold and I struggled to find the spirit to drag myself through the shower and out into the fog. Leonard’s whatsapp telling me to ‘hurry up’ got me going. The […]

Knock Knee Moments

You know them: first sight of a fish holding in a tight spot, that swirl, that inspection, that hook up that doesn’t stick… Here are a couple from last weekend…

Mud Pig Love

Grungy, atypical fly fishing. The Hartleyvale section of the Leisbeek does not turn most fly fishermen on. At all. And understand totally why! However, despite the perceived danger of fishing this area – there really isn’t much; unless you count hitting a turd or two that city workers haven’t cleaned yet – the carp fishing […]

Carp on fly – Chapter 2

Flies that work for carp (and how to make them catch fish) In this chapter I will discuss various flies and the methods I use to catch fish with each. Note that all the flies photographed in this article have been used and abused and look scruffy to the human eye; interestingly, the more fish they’ve […]