Secret Places

We all have them. Whether we surf, rock climb, hike or fish. Those spots that are special to us. Often discovered by chance, the investigation of a rumour or on the word of a trusted fellow adventurer. They are often fragile and pristine and very often overlooked by the majority. These places are the places […]

When old friends meet

Rex hasn’t been up this river for ages, neither have I. So when he had to be in Western Cape for a late season wedding, he made sure he had a day to explore one of our favourite rivers. I couldn’t make it; work and real life things! The photos are from an overnight mission […]

OMG – A Fly Fishing Nightmare!

You may remember the video about “a bunch doing a lot of dry fly fishing.” This is another great video by the Nylinder Brothers and friend Peter Christensen from Frontsidefly going dilly in New Zealand. It’s a great laugh!