The Bungezi Beetle

The FlyVolution SeriesPhotos and words courtesy of Rex Fey I have to confess that my fly fishing over the years has been very limited in

VDS Hopper

The FlyVolution Series Photos and words courtesy of Rex Fey I had never tied a hopper until a few months ago, and current creations are

The Kokstad Twist

I will never forget meeting Rex Fey. It goes back to 1st year Simonsberg Residence at Stellenbosch University in 2001. I was terrible fly tier.

The Klippies en Kolgaans

I really enjoyed watching this FlyBru production of Gordon van der Spuy (Fanie Visagie) tying a popular Western Cape trout fly; Gordon shares some good fly tying

Improved Bloody Squirmy

The Bloody Squirmy fly that I tied for carp successfully fooled fish (; however, the fly didn’t last very long due to the thread cutting into

Vice Squad escapades

The Vice Squad evenings (initiated by Tudor Caradoc-Davies) at the Cape Piscatorial Society clubroom is taking off and the last event (and second one hosted at this

Vice Squad 16 April 2015

Dear interested fly fisher, Join us for the next CPS Vice Squad on Thursday 16th April. The lineup includes freshwater and saltwater patterns generously demoed by the

Surf Candy with a twist

Rupert Harvey posted an awesome video showing him tying the fat boy mullet.  I’ve never thought to double up mono braid, its genius, and perfect

Tan GT Brush Fly

Tim Babich is a head guide for FlyCastaway and he has caught many big GTs on fly tackle in and around St Brandon’s and Farquhar.

Cotton Candy Crab

Ive been struggling to find decent velcro lately.  Staring at some craft fur trimmings I figured there must be another way… Loon UV acrylic leaves

Tying the Flat Nose Silicone

One of my favourite patterns for dusky kob is the flat nose silicone mullet. This fly has got an absolutely deadly action if tied correctly,

Howe Style flashy profile fly

The golden age of offshore fly fishing was the 90s.  Trey Combs, Chico Fernandez, Steve Abel, Roy Beadle, Nick Curcione and others were the Rat

Peters Jam sandwich fly

Peters Jam Sandwich

Movement under the carapace is something that has always bugged me about my previous Jam flies, and after seeing Jannies version 1889218 of his famous

Do you even crab???

Crab legs.  You wont believe how much of my fly tying life has been spent wrestling elastic and other materials trying to get the perfect

Jimmys Raccoon

Jimmy Eagleton is the sand shark king.  His flies have evolved over years and years, however the first fly he gave me years ago has

changing the game on the game changer

Blane Chockletts Game Changer fly burst onto the scene last year, and then faded into obscurity.  Maybe its still used in the states a lot,

Tying the Sponge Bob

I’ve had a few requests on how to tie the Sponge Bob, so here goes. Sliders have been around for a while and the Sponge