Good Afternoon

I got 3 of these little guys in quick succession this afternoon.  I also missed two that I pricked and lost one when my fly

The grunter strike again.

100% strike rate this season on the grunts so far.  A stark contrast to previous seasons.  New fly, new technique, new river.  6 different systems

Grunter mail

This guy is on the way to PE to be tested on the Swartkops grunts.

African Pompano at Pomene

Quintin Brynard responded to a mail of mine on the Pompano and managed to dig out some pics of fish him and his old man

Tackling up for Tuna

Im hoping to tick Yellowfin off the old bucket list this season.  We went Thursday and got on bait.  They arent thick enough for the

Mole crab / sea lice -version 1

This is my first go at the Mole Crab, which is apparently one of the Pompanos favourite meals.  Locally we call them Sea Lice, but

Pompano round one

My quest for Africanus, unlike that for a Steenbras in the surf, has just begun.  I did my first Tranksei trip hoping for one with

Steenbras Surprise

The Zandvlei disaster was tragic.  But there is something else remarkable that I noticed.  The two most common casualties were Mullet and Steenbras.  Sure there

Early Season Grunts

It was a tough day.  On the water at 6am and off it at 6:30PM.  An algae bank had grown across my usual flat which

The segmented prawn

Heres one from the old archives…. The segmented JAM Fly concept

Colombia: Trucha in the hills

They were small but I found them! A stunning stream that reminded a lot of a Cape Stream, although the massive wax palms in the

Mission South America: Golden Dorado

With the impending depature for South America, I’ve spent surprisingly little time getting ready. I’ve hardly tied a fly and – equipment wise – am

Witels Memories

It’s been a surprisingly long time since I first walked up the Witels River. It was my third year of varsity that my partner in crime, Rex

Tigers in the Middle

The Tigerfish is Africa’s answer to fly fishing. These power-fanged denizens produce rock hard strikes, generate unstoppable bursts of speed, and perform jaw-clattering summersaults. –Francois

Hunting Gods: POV Video

In a follow up to my last GT post, I’ll give you all a little bit of visual representation of what fighting one of these