Spider flies for trout

People have asked me what it is that inspires me to tie a new fly pattern. To be honest, the ones I created in my

Trout leaping after flies…

I tied two spider imitations for trout many years ago. One was the Wolfspider and the other the Tetrapheasant Spider. The inspiration for the Tetrapheasant

The Rainbows of Katse Dam

Lesotho, Lesotho, Lesotho…How much more can we talk about the fishing in that country? I say: “Plenty more!”; because it is so damn good –

Improved Bloody Squirmy

The Bloody Squirmy fly that I tied for carp successfully fooled fish (http://feathersandfluoro.com/?p=9208); however, the fly didn’t last very long due to the thread cutting into

Vice Squad escapades

The Vice Squad evenings (initiated by Tudor Caradoc-Davies) at the Cape Piscatorial Society clubroom is taking off and the last event (and second one hosted at this

Vice Squad 16 April 2015

Dear interested fly fisher, Join us for the next CPS Vice Squad on Thursday 16th April. The lineup includes freshwater and saltwater patterns generously demoed by the

Carp on fly – Chapter 2

Flies that work for carp (and how to make them catch fish) In this chapter I will discuss various flies and the methods I use

Moths at midnight

An interesting life and fishing experience shared by Edward Truter: Midnight Blitz, what are we missing (by day and night)? So on my recent stay at

The Bloody Squirmy

I must admit that I am quite a carp addict…After many years of bait fishing for carp, I discovered how to catch these fish on


  After the first serious thunder showers of summer has rolled through , the flow of my  rivers and streams pick up well….. sometimes to

An average trip to the Cederberg

It is always a mission to pack in the last of the camping gear and squeeze in extra bedding under the lid of a baggage-filled


I hate tying big saltwater worm flies.  Hate it.  Wool, zonker, whatever.  They wrap, cast like crap and never look realistic.  I tried to mould

Farm pond bass’n

Text and photos by Leonard Flemming I grew up fishing municipal ponds and dams in residential areas. The water in these dams was mostly a

Pop a Poppa!

This is so cool. I would love to try it on our kob and even grunter perhaps? Ed Truter and his crew often catch grunter

My 8 best New Zealand trout flies

By Leonard Flemming I fished New Zealand for five months in the 2010/2011 season and found eight flies that worked exceptionally well for me. I