Seychelles Tails

Found this on the vimeo page. So so awesome – I just can’t get enough of those tails… [vimeo 33841445 w=500 h=281] AMIRANTE TAILS,

Right…. 100lb straight fluoro then.

Yellowfish on the Dry

Few things are as fun as catching fish on a dry fly. The visual stimulation is intense and the anticipation always hi. It is even

The Silver Lining

Will Benson.  Many people say that he’s the best guide on the planet right now.  He makes some pretty cool videos too.

Odds and ends

A few interesting things Ive picked up recently from around the interweb… Quite possibly the biggest Snoek ever caught: What a comment. Class. Haha: (via

Too much!

I know this preview has been doing the rounds. But it excites me. Immensely.

Downloaded Autosketch on my Galaxy Note Pad last night.  Such a great little tool.  This is going to be awesome for drawing and designing flies. 

You need to watch this.

Ive been begging Nick to do a proper Ascension post and Im pretty sure he’ll get round to it.  In the meantime -check this out.


I always wanted to tie a fly of this color pattern. Got bored tonight and decided to tie one since the season has started…here’s the

Fish Coffins

Ghana has Tarpon, Jacks and some pretty good craftsman.

Glow bugs

These flies are far from beautiful, but I would just like to share what I’ve done so far.

Calvin Du Plessis’s Musandam Sailfish

A Great day for my friends who fished the Musandam, Oman, today. Calvin scoring on a flyrod and two other guys hooked up on two other sails. A Video will be posted soon and I’ll update this page.

Another Crab Fly

I tied this because I really couldn’t tie a decent Merkin. 🙂