7 Degrees South: A Review

Arriving at The Labia Theatre (yes, the name may raise an eyebrow!) was quite something. The primiere of the much anticipated 7 Degrees South fly

Beware the Leopard Seal

Following Freds Barbel post… heres another amazing wildlife vid.  This leopard seals reaction is incredible.

Birding Barbel

We’ve heard about GTs that eat seabirds – if you haven’t, they do! – but take a look at this video of Barbel doing their

7 Degrees Premiere

Richard Morton and the team from RGB and Alpha teamed up with Daniel Goez (of Tapam Fame) to create an orgy of GT action. They

Friday Pic Dump

*We dont own them. We just like them.    

Nick and his Leviathan

Nick Reygaert has been busy these past years. I was lucky enough to fish with him once upon a time on the Lourens River in

Gangsters of the Flats 2

When I watched Gangsters of the Flats for the first time, I cried a little. GTs are the most INSANE fish to catch in shallow water

Observe First

Having been thinking quite a bit about how fish eat flies. And more specifically, how different fish eat different flies, I was stoked to find

The Aqua Hulk is here.

http://vimeo.com/70544769 This is Pauls hookup at the start of what became an incredible day.  This is the fish that got in the cave.  Jako tailed

7 Degrees South

At long frikkin last – a quality full length Seychelles Fly Fishing Film… I CAN NOT wait for it be released! Check it out at alphonsefilm.com

Pimping with the Guides

Guide’s don’t always live the dream – long, hots day watching other guys catching (or not catching) the fish. But when they get a day

Exploring Africa – Sudan Video

Since I went on a diving (and some sneaky fly fishing off the back of the charter boat) charter in the Red Sea I have

Chasing Silver

Yes, it is a little cheesy but its my first attempt at proper video editing and the cheese seems to slide in automatically. This is

Quick Knots and Hook Ups!

In a follow up to the first knot post, here’s a short video that demonstrates the importance of being able to tie a knot quickly

Saffas get some Poon

A month or so back saw four South African fly fishers – Brent Flack Davidson, Ray Fletcher, Simon Stacey and Richard Stacey – tackling the Silver