Saving Rhinos, a Fly at a Time

The current statistics regarding Rhino poaching are staggering. The unrelenting assault on these impressive beasts has left disgusting holes in the their dwindling world population.

Fly Fish Stoke

A very cool montage of scenery and imagery from the guys at Patagonia. It put a smile on my face and an eager itch in

Friday Picdump – Bradley Lee Hyman edition

As far as fish porn goes, this is hardcore.  Possibly the most complete album I’ve come accross.  I’ve always had questions about St Brandon.  This

Who is Miss Vokey?

Actually I bet you already do know who she is. Don’t lie, you do. Every gent of the younger generation who calls themselves a fly

Grunter Gyotaku

The art of fish rubbing, and smelly fingers.  Props to Ray Montoya for the tips! I actually preferred the quality of the other final one,

Friday Picdump is here

*we dont own them, we just share them.  Check out Eric Ouwens with a 163cm Sri Lankan GT.  One of the biggest in recent history. 

Rebound Video

In a follow to the Bulls On Top video by Shallow Water Expeditions, Rebound is another edge-of-your-seat, oh-my-sack, cheese-and-rice short production. The video is shot

Paying the Taxman Round 2

These are a few videos that have been doing rounds. These are videos of fish getting eaten by fish. I appreciate that it is not

Friday Pic Dump – Blue Bastard Special

A special shout out to Brad Bell from “learning to fly”.  If you’re on Facebook check that out.  Its fish porn at its absolute best

No Boga Please

“the lip-gripping device caused mouth injuries to 80% of bonefish restrained in the water and 100% of bonefish held in the air, always when fish

Fly Fishing is a Joke

A captivating and thought provoking look at what fly fishing is through the view finder of the talented Henry Harrison of Reel Action Media.  

Redfish Surface Action

I bumped into this video while going through some old blog posts from Throwing Loops days. For some reason these fish make me think of

A Battered Baitball

There’s nothing that gets a fisherman’s blood rushing quite like the colours of a lit up Billfish as it traumatises a baitball of seemingly helpless

Fabien does Tsiname

When Fab sent me an invitation to a dropbox folder labelled “Tsiname 2013 collection” I really didn’t want to open it. We’ve all heard the