Breaking the Surface

Ever since I was sixteen and read of Lee Wulff taking big Atlantic Salmon on dry flies, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of the

Trailer: Origin of the Sky

While this isn’t a fly fishing movie, the scenery is breathtaking and the underwater shot of feeding bonefish will get any fisherman champing! [vimeo 83714163


This is an advert for The Fly Shop trips. Maybe they’ll invite us for posting it. HAHA! But just for the crazy rainbow action, it

Darkest African Tarpon Jako Lucas of Flycastaway dropped this on Pete and my fb walls. So this was filmed back in 2009, the fisherman who finishes heartbroken


I love the concept of the five-minute fly fishing film. Short, sweet and gets the blood flowing in a minimal amount of time! The team from

Damsels in Distress

I came across this clip this morning while sipping my pre-work coffee – that life saving bitter mug of awesomeness – and had to hit

Big Fish, Small Stream

Darryl Lampert posted this clip of Leonard Fleming going big on a tiny stream. It really is miniscule water but the size of that trout

The Dorado Mystery Solved

You might have noticed the catch of the week in the right hand margin.  There has been much debate as to to legitimacy of that

Friday Picdump – totally bosozuko

I’ve been obsessed with Japanese subcultures like Bosozoku.  I don’t know what it is about the land of the rising sun that births such bold

Trailer: What kind of meat.

Watching clips like this just makes me want to drop everything and head back to the jungle!!! From the Provo Brothers Vimeo site: In August

320 Video Teaser

Jako Lucas, of Flycastaway, dropped this little teaser on my fb wall yesterday. Tease it does, I can’t wait to see the full length product.

Trip Report: St Brandons Atoll

Two of feathersandfluoro’s favourite sons, Francois and Jean Malherbe, joined Flycastaway for the 36 hour sail to St Brandons Atoll. Considered THE PLACE for sight

While we are away…

Pete’s in Oman right now, chasing Perms. I’m somewhere in the Lesotho, chasing troots. This is a video from Florida. And this post was scheduled

Lesotho Vid Teaser

Right now, I’m somewhere close to here… The Tourette camps are more central and south to our location and although we won’t get the yellowfish,

There’s Always a Hatch Somewhere

Sam Leyde sent me the link to this awesome video made by “a bunch of Swedes who are dry fly fishing alot.” If you’ve got

Trailer: A Kinetic Loop

Evolution. Change. Past. Present. This looks interesting. From the guys at Sharptail Media:  “[A Kinetic Loop is] A celebration of fly fishing’s past and present. An

The shallow season

David Magnum does it again.  The man knows how to make a fly fishing short.