In preparation for Seychelles – Part 3: Know your knots

In this final instalment preceding a trip to Alphonse and St Francois atolls in the Seychelles, I’d like to elaborate on my thoughts about suitable knots for fishing tropical flats. Although I’ve been tying nylon to hooks for a very long time now and have my personal preferences to the type of knot I use […]

Snag-less loop knot

Here is an alternative way to tie an improved loop knot (as inspired by Edward Truter) to a crab fly. It is very useful when targeting reef fishes in shallow water, the type of situations in which most flies snag the bottom. I used it on coral reef as well as on limestone-bedrock reef in […]

How to stop a MONSTER – by a master.

I never had the privilege of fishing with the late Paul Weingartz. When preparing for our first Farquhar trip – seems so far back now – I picked Paul’s brain about hooking, and more importantly, stopping these bruisers. He is, after all, one of the elite few to have landed GTs of over 100cm in the South African […]

Quick Knots and Hook Ups!

In a follow up to the first knot post, here’s a short video that demonstrates the importance of being able to tie a knot quickly and easily. The scenario was that I had found myself faced with a shoal of angry GTs and after presenting and getting a solid hookup, I got pulled over a […]

Two Loop Knots You Should be Using

Two loops you should be using to tie Flies to Leaders… Over the years I have used and tested a fair few knots. One of the biggest debates is what knot to use when tying a fly to the leader. The first knot I was taught was the good old clinch knot. Then it got […]