Meanwhile in Tanzania – the ‘Prawn Walk’ demystified (sort of)

The Prawn Walk

Everyone has heard of the great Wildebeest Migration through Tanzania’s Serengeti and up into Kenya. This spectacular phenomenon is actually more than ‘just’ a wildebeest migration as includes (in far lesser numbers) zebra, as well as Thompson’s and Grant’s gazelles follow the trek for better grazing and water. As spectacular as it is in sheer […]

Harry’s high five and some gratuitous grunter porn

It’s not everyday that student becomes tutor, but last year I had the pleasure of treating my brother Harry to some grunter fishing with my buddy Mike and me. Harry was my fly fishing mentor, and whenever we go fishing together, I’m the one who raids his fly-boxes and rips him for tips and advice. […]

The Five Cast Phenomenon

A few months ago I discovered a technique that is absolutely deadly on spotted grunter. I was trying to catch a Breede river slam, and time was running out (see Twinkle, Two Slams and the Legend of the Turd Burger). I was fishing with my buddy Mike and needed to catch a grunter in order […]

48 Hour Grunter Recapture

A few days ago I was targeting grunter with my friend, Beetle Baily. We were both getting few fish and at some point Beetle shouted to me that he has just landed a tagged grunter. I immediately ran over to take a photograph of the fish and tag in order to send the recapture information […]

Portrait of a Fly Part II. The JAM

Tying Jam flies is a laborious and arduous affair. But I would definitely tie a fresh JAM for every grunter I catch, if it was such a guaranteed business. Unfortunately it’s not. Many flies are tied without ever catching a fish; guess it’s the nature of grunter fishing. Until recently I did not have enough […]

Twinkle, two slams and the legend of the turd burger

Saltwater fly-fishing in the western cape can be a very unforgiving affair. Blank days are very common; in fact, it’s part of the parcel. But we all have those days when the river lifts her skirt and everything seems to fall into place. A while ago my buddies and I experienced this bounty. But nothing […]

Party in the Pancake Factory

Early season grunter fishing can be a serious hit and miss affair, but on a recent trip a few buddies and I scored auspiciously. On our second day, Jannie came across a pod of fish feeding on a sand flat on the edge of a grass bed, in fairly murky rainwater run-off. What made their […]

lucky hats catch fish

A few months ago I had a good chuckle on Facebook when a friend took a bit of abuse because of an old worn out cap he had on.  His last response was, “..well say what you want, lucky caps catch fish”. Ray has a lucky buff, I have a lucky hat, and Francois has a […]