Portrait of a fly. Black Death

How many fish is a good tally to take on a single fly? I suppose it depends on the species. Taking 15 smallmouth bass on a single Meatwhistle is less impressive than pinning 5 kob on a single Spongebob, for instance. Some flies are special, almost as special as the fish you caught on them […]

Moments shared

               Client & Guide Moments Text by Ryan Hammond (photographs by FlyCastway) As an angler (and guide) it is very easy to become focused solely on the end result; that being to land large numbers of fish or one specific trophy fish.  The special moments shared between anglers, guides and their quarry are often overshadowed […]

Sette Cama, Gabon

Contribution by Rob Scott (Tourette Fishing – www.tourettefishing.com) Fighting fish on light spinning gear, a not uncommon sight when casting lures in Gabon.   Rob Scott with a giant African threadfin. As the name suggests, this species grows big—over 45 kilograms. Threadfin strike hard, then take off on a long, fast run.   Gabon fishing pioneer, […]

Ali Baba and the 40 Tarpon. Cuban Diary Part One

Photos by Graeme Field and Conrad Botes “Hey, whatsyourname, bonefish 11 o’clock” July 2010. It’s my second day in Jardines De La Reina, Cuba, and my guide, Bemba, is still struggling to pronounce my name. For some or other reason, Conrad is a tongue twister for Spanish speakers. Graeme Field, whom I’m sharing a skiff […]

Getting Silly with It – Chasing Tarpon on a 3 weight…

To a flyfisherman, the word “Tarpon” conjours up great visions of leviathan sized creatures, armour plated beaten silver heavyweights, exploding into the air over a gin clear flat, gill rakers rattling like the springs on the old farm truck as it drives over a cattle grid, a bewildered angler clinging to what seems like an […]


Estrada Art Presents: GladesDays from Estrada Art & Apparel on Vimeo. From the filmmaker: “Take a glimpse into the vast Everglades through our eyes and stories. The first of a new series of films, we will take you into the ‘glades from all angles on our poling skiffs and paddle boards / kayaks. From Islamorada, […]

Dan Decibel’s OMG

https://vimeo.com/107040907 “OMG” by Dan Decibel from DAN DECIBEL on Vimeo. From Dan’s Vimeo site: This a baby Tarpon Video that I submitted to the “Poonfecta Fishing Tournament and Film/Art Festival” that was hosted by BARFLY SAFETY HARBOR. I ended up winning the film festival with this film. It was a great event with an awesome […]