“Bloody good success”

Dale Hes contacted me over the weekend after he ‘bumped’ into Andre van Wyk on the internet about his recent success with a modified, Improved Bloody Squirmy. He had copied the fly I used for carp and added his own subtle changes and had the following to say: “Thought I would just make touch with […]

Mrs. Stuckey

Text and artwork by Leonard Flemming Mr. and Mrs. Jim Stuckey were on her Sunday afternoon drive to the stables. The sky was pastel pink, filled with high clouds and it was calm, great weather to catch bass on the surface. But Mrs. Stuckey didn’t have a driving licence, so Jim drove her around instead […]

Bucketmouths of Zim

Largemouth and smallmouth bass were two of my favourite angling species in the days when I still fished the art-lure leagues in the Western Cape. In the four to five years that I fished competitively for Western Province colours I saw many big bass come out of Theewaterskloof Dam, Kwaggaskloof Dam and Misverstand Dam. However, […]

Who shot Biggie Smalls…

We all tend to want to fish secret, out of the way locations, with as fewer anglers as possible around… to have all the water to ourselves, to covet that solitude that makes up such an enormous part of or addiction to chasing fish… This quest for waters with as few people around as possible […]

All about species

Art lure fishing used to be my preferred type of fishing for all fishes for many years. The Western Province competitive fishing season consisted of tournament leagues scheduled monthly at all the major state reservoirs in the Western Cape, which provided a different water to fish each month. Points were mainly allocated to the number […]

Farm pond bass’n

Text and photos by Leonard Flemming I grew up fishing municipal ponds and dams in residential areas. The water in these dams was mostly a hazy brown, like that of your mother’s favourite vegetable soup.  Murky water slowed down my learning curve of where to find fishes in these dams. More than 90% of my […]