From El Nino to El Nina and the Sweet Bits in Between

On the Highveld our warm season has been a case  of famine or feast. Spring didn’t last long as the drought conditions put  strain on the streams and the fish. Even our tailwater fishery below the Barrage took strain. One fish that’s not put off by low flows and high temps are carp. They regularly popped […]

Under the Bridge…

Under the Bridge.. A Bridge over Troubled waters…. Don’t burn your bridges… Bridging the Gap… We spend a lot of time using bridges as metaphors in this day and age… from old sayings like “Don’t burn your bridges” that your grand parents always seemed to be warning you about, to modern bullshit “Ad Agency” vernacular […]

The Trojan Worm

I have a horrible habit of striking too soon in highly visual encounters.  Carp have made me realise this.  I think they’ll also help me fix this. On Wednesday I decided to take my rod to work and sneak out for an urban carp mission.  The first fish I presented to reinforced this to me. […]

Thundercats and Carp in the poo hatch of 2015

We went Carping because the meteorologists were anticipating a horrendous storm.  The majority of our usual spots were forecast to be rained out and blown out.  If we would brave the weather we’d do it close enough to home that it wouldn’t be too much of a run back with our tails between our legs. […]


This reminds me of the telescopic poles we used in art-lure leagues (1995 – 2000) to catch carp (some with an elastic similar to the Tenkara concept) – I’m afraid this is nothing ‘new’ Mike Ward, but cool movie;)

The Devil’s Armpit

As part of the Urban Fly Fishing theme we’ve had going lately, here’s a another Cape Town city spot. It gets a bit siff and dirty but there are fussy carp and bass (and two big gold fish that I have a bone to pick with!). It’s also a 2 min drive from home, close […]

When the Gangsters move out the Hood…

Some of you may remember a little while back I wrote a little piece about the Gang Life of Urban Carp ( ) and the thuggery and all the shenanigans that go along with it…. The dirt, grime, sketchiness and everything else that goes along with chasing Ditch Bitch Mudbones in those environments is what […]