This Humpday Unwind takes you to two very different places, the warmth of the tropical Bahamas and the bite of the Danish coast… Enjoy! Three days til the weekend…

Moments shared

               Client & Guide Moments Text by Ryan Hammond (photographs by FlyCastway) As an angler (and guide) it is very easy to become focused solely on the end result; that being to land large numbers of fish or one specific trophy fish.  The special moments shared between anglers, guides and their quarry are often overshadowed […]

An Explanation

From Lonely Osprey Productions, quite simply put: An Explanation

46 kg GT on fly!

It is a privilege for me to announce that one of the very big GT’s landed on the Socotra Island archipelago trip in October 2014 was caught on a fly from the shore. In my previous post ( I mentioned that there were opportunities to catch very large GT’s (30 – 60 kg) and bonefish […]

Ali Baba and the 40 Tarpon. Cuban Diary Part One

Photos by Graeme Field and Conrad Botes “Hey, whatsyourname, bonefish 11 o’clock” July 2010. It’s my second day in Jardines De La Reina, Cuba, and my guide, Bemba, is still struggling to pronounce my name. For some or other reason, Conrad is a tongue twister for Spanish speakers. Graeme Field, whom I’m sharing a skiff […]

Bonefish Portrait

Last year Herman and I fished St Josephs and Poivre for a week. Looking at our pics recently, Herman’s bonefish portraits caught my attention.    

A’ to the K’ – a fly fishing mission to an unknown tropical destination

There are few unexplored fishing destinations left on Earth. The few rivers and saltwater fisheries that are untouched are mostly in parts of the “old world” where the local, 3rd world country logistics make it unlikely tourist attractions. I am talking places where “no white man has set foot before”. I recently had the opportunity to […]