Dorado Part 3: And then it rained…

We arrived in Mercedes in the pouring rain. We left early, 3 days later, in the pouring rain. According to the locals Hurricane Sandy helped the crazy weather systems that met us in the Corrientes area. We had planned to fish the Rio Corrientes as it leaves the Ibera Marshs. Not easy to access but […]

Dorado Part 2: Sweet Small Stream Success

The broken rod turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I had done a fair bit of research on the Rio Dorado and Rio de Valle. It turned out that Rio Dorado is extremely difficult to access, requiring guides, boats and money. But I´d come across a way to access one of its tributaries. […]

Dorado Part 1: The Fail

The first two days of hunting the Dorado on my own was a bugger up. The Dorado is migratory fish and they hadn´t yet moved into the sections of the Rio Juromento that we fished. The further down the Juramento we went, the more disappointed I became as I fished stunning run and pool after […]

The latest from Mr Davis – He got his DIY Dorado!

Hi Guys A  quick update… The going was hard looking for Dorado – the popular waters and accesible waters on the Rio Juramento were crowded and dirty and to rub salt in the wounds, I broke my rod on day1! Now we’ve had flooding in Corrientes and Ibera and the Rio Corrientes are unfiashable for […]

Wining and Trouting Mendoza

Mendoza is Argentina´s premier wine destination. It also boasts some stunning scenery and many gorgeous little trout streams. Generally overshadowed by the famous trouting destination of Patagonia to the South and the Dorado filled rivers of the North, the Mendoza trout streams don´t atract too much traffic. With the fantastic help of Pablo ‘Polo’ Rossi […]

Amazon Woes

The nature of DIY fishing trips is that eventually, one will not be a success. While my Amazon foray wasn´t a complete failure, it most certainly did not live up to expectations. A variety of factors played a role, including language barrier, pretrip misinformation, early rain and difficulty of access where I had been told […]

Tying Thoughts: Alpaca Fur

Travelling through Peru, I’ve sampled some interesting food. The only really memorable quisine has been Cerveche and Alpaca steak – its damn good, like a lamb cross venison steak. Then, while Trekking through the Pampa de Toccra after tackling the world’s second deepest canyon, we met some of these long-necked sheep at a local farm. […]

Colombia: Of Tarpon and Caiman

The coast north of Tayrona National Park in Colombia`s La Guajira district is broken by hundreds of rivers. Majority are large and effected by rainfall. And all scream fish! We unfortunately arrived on the tail of two weeks of rain and the rivers were running high and muddy. My first thought was that my chance […]