Chilean Chromers

I’ve never had the privilege to fish for salmon with a spey outfit, but this would be high on the list if I ever purchased my own spey rod…

Humpday Unwind: The Parana River

From the team at Andes Drifters: Our team is happy to present our new exciting destination: Upper Paraná river. We have launched this past season this trip which several customers have already tried and highly reviewed. We believe this is the friendliest Golden Dorado offer on the market, ideal for those who want a taste […]

Humpday Unwind

Todd Moen and Catch Magazine have unveiled a new video (but “from the vault”) that features the chase for big fish in big water in Argentina at Strobel Lake. I got close but never made it to this legendary water… Will have to go back! Clear water and big fish… What else do you want?

Jewels of Salta

The video chronicling Riccardo Vaccaro’s Golden Dorado mission in Salta! Full story here.

RicVac on Salta Gold

Words and photos by Riccardo Vaccaro Here is the diary entry from a recent trip my wife and I did to Argentina. We traveled the whole of that massive country for one month, and after chatting to Fred about some fishing possibilities, I made sure my fishing kit was packed. All told, 70% of my […]

Chubut Waters: Patagonian Eye Candy

Guillermo Willhuber lives in the Patagonian city of Esquel in the Province of Chubut, Patagonia Argentina. It’s a wonderland of forests, mountains, crystal clear lakes and cold rivers full of trout and other salmonoids. If you’ve never travelled to this far flung part of the world, I can absolutely recommend it. I honestly don’t think there are […]


I met Jeff Currier in Tanzania while guiding Tourette clients for big Tanzanian tigerfish. Jeff is no normal human being, neither is he a normal fly fisherman. No matter how tough or bad the fishing is, there is always a fish on the end of Jeff’s line. But it is not only skill, Jeff thinks more […]

Tsiname Photo Essay

Bradley Hyman, of Fly Religion (check out their facebook page) is currently living your dream… If not convinced, see below…   Thanks to Brad and Fly Religion for sharing these photos and keeping us normal peeps green as hell! Follow Fly Religion on Twitter: @FlyReligion