Bull shark down under

By Richard Schumann I recently had the good fortune of fishing some remote flats in Oz and on the day in question, I had had a good flats session and as the tide started running out, some good sized blacktip reef sharks moved onto the flat and I managed to pin one. Soon thereafter a small bull shark […]

A memorable trip to New Zealand

Article by Russell de la Harpe Sitting in an airport terminal next to a pile of fly rods is always an exciting and almost nerve wracking experience. All sorts of thoughts run through one’s head – will I be fishing the right areas? Will the weather play ball? Have I got the right flies? And […]

Fishing the Snowy Mountains – Australia

Keep an eye out for this: “Australia’s Snowy Mountains – with it’s high country plains, wild brumbies and kangaroos, and streams full of wild brown trout – is home to some of the country’s most beautiful Alpine scenery.” – Timeflees, Filippo Rivetti

A Little Christmas Action

Ray recently got back from a Christmas Island trip – Kiritimati in the Pacific – and during a chat about a looming Omani trip, dropped me a few videos of his trip. He said he fished quite a bit on the outside of the Atoll. He reckons he normally ignored these areas in the past […]

Voltzy’s Tuskie

I just received this epic story from Geoff Volter from North Queensland, Down Under. What a catch! Enjoy … The plan was that Bill Michell and I would get onto the inshore section of the flat at daybreak and wade it, so we caught the EARLY ferry. Warren would be joining us in his boat […]

Waders are for Sissies – Extracts from a New Zealand fishing diary

This article was recently published in the Fishing Wild Magazine http://www.fishingwild.com.au/   Title: Waders are for Sissies Subtitle: Extracts from a New Zealand fishing diary Text and photos by Leonard Flemming 19 November A customs declaration form was handed to me. The Asian air hostess slinked away, her tight figure snaking under her second-skin batik […]