A Time To Explore

My move to the Qatar was based on a several factors – and strangely, for the first in my life – neither waves nor fish played any significant role in the decision. Obviously they were considered and the fact there is ocean surrounding Qatar allowed the choice to be made – despite knowing the lack […]

Time to Explore

Qatar. A strange mix construction, space-age architecture and sand. There’s also the Arabian Gulf on my doorstep. The move is, for the first time in my life, one based on finances and not lifestyle or location (read: availability of surf and fish). However, I find myself doing what I love for a salary that affords […]

Mission Oman 2 – The neon army

Getting soaking wet and full of sand first thing in the morning from my navy seal style entry into the backline was now routine.  After the shore break deposited me on the reef I ran up the rocks and took off everything, bar my chafe shorts.  I even brought an extra bottle of water to […]

Mission Oman 2 – The discovery

It had been a few days now, and the writing was on the wall.  I was sick to death of being dunked in 3ft shorebreak trying to spot fish.  The green water was coming.  Seven guys throwing plugs from morning to night hadnt raised a single GT.  Moral was low.  Very low. I’d lost over […]

Mission Oman 2 – The parrots of Satan’s forest (1of 2)

*the next few posts will be out of order,  and we be reorganised on conclusion of the series. If satan ran the oceans and not Poseidon, and if he particularly disliked fly fisherman, then I imagine he would have designed the reef in front of me. A double layered coral shelf, razor sharp with holes […]

Day 2 – A goat heist at Khalil

For me one of the hardest things to do is leaving a spot that’s producing fish, but short on time and long on enthusiasm,  we decided to move. The marl flats are home to mongo size permit,  but like many spots in Oman,  can go from littered with fish to not a fish in sight […]

Mission Oman 2 – Day 1

Arriving in Muscat, Ray and i got the mail from Kamal, “Meetings this weekend, I cant make it”.  Damn.  Down to two.  I arrived at Rays house exhausted, the old lady next to me on my Cape Town – Doha leg decided I would be great company and needed my earphones taken out and to […]

Surf Candy with a twist

Rupert Harvey posted an awesome video showing him tying the fat boy mullet.  I’ve never thought to double up mono braid, its genius, and perfect for supersize surf candies.  Hope the Omani Queenfish like em.