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Mark Taylor and Jeff Tyseer got hold of me awhile back about a Permit mission they doing to Oman’s southern beaches. I imparted what I knew and got very jealous around the time of their departure. Below is an email and photos I recieved post trip from Jeff and clearly explains why we do the […]

Oman: The Final Instalment

I left north, Ray headed south. He still had time and mine was running out. I wanted a few days of quality Permit fishing. So the plan was to head north to Ray’s favourite Permit beaches. Ray felt it was going to my best chance of getting a Yellow Perm. I dropped Matthew ‘Beefy’ Cocks […]

Oman Part 3: Yellow Perms and Lessons Learnt

My calves burnt as I sprinted over the soft hot sand. The dry air ripped at my throat. How the hell could a 100m sprint take so long. Behind, left strewn along beach in between the bones of long dead turtles and the month’s fare of washed up bottles lay my light spinning rod, camera […]

Oman Part 2: African Gold and Dirty Queens

Finding myself back on a familiar beach got me thinking. Had I over-reacted? My mother would probably say no. I had left an unwalked beach, that I had been spying on Google for ages, early. Were the Perms there today? Smashing crabs and snails in the shore wash? Did my rush out cost me? One […]

Oman Part 1: Smuggler’s Bay

After a whirlwind of Saudi transitting, catchups with friends in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it was time to head to Oman. I had met with Nick Bowles from Ocean Active for a quick coffee – there had been a mess up with a fly line order and Nick has kindly and efficiently organised me four […]

A Time To Explore

My move to the Qatar was based on a several factors – and strangely, for the first in my life – neither waves nor fish played any significant role in the decision. Obviously they were considered and the fact there is ocean surrounding Qatar allowed the choice to be made – despite knowing the lack […]

Mission Oman 2 – The neon army

Getting soaking wet and full of sand first thing in the morning from my navy seal style entry into the backline was now routine.  After the shore break deposited me on the reef I ran up the rocks and took off everything, bar my chafe shorts.  I even brought an extra bottle of water to […]

Mission Oman 2 – The discovery

It had been a few days now, and the writing was on the wall.  I was sick to death of being dunked in 3ft shorebreak trying to spot fish.  The green water was coming.  Seven guys throwing plugs from morning to night hadnt raised a single GT.  Moral was low.  Very low. I’d lost over […]