Winter Sessions 2015 – Part 3

Freshwater Revival My wife and I had a humorous discussion about New Year’s resolutions on 31 December 2014. I had never committed to a New Year’s resolution in my life; however, feeling pressed to mention something I had on my heart I told her that although not relevant as a ‘resolution’, there was one dream […]

Stickman on the Orange

Some time ago , I was invited by friends to join in on a float / flyfishing trip down the Orange river , below Augrabies falls. I decided to make it a father-and-son affair and booked my son , Luka (aka Stickman) on the trip as well. With little time to practice his nymphing skills […]

Floating Down The River

Roadtrips and float trips must rank as two of coolest things to do when you have some spare time. Putting the two together is even better! On the 1st of Jan, we piled into Delilah Bakkie, rather hungover, and headed off. No rush, just open road ahead! Our destination was the Orange River. We went […]