Meet the Tuscan Bunny’s nasty African cousin

Gas Hed Mullet

Spinning foam is nothing new (with the likes of Chicone’s Tuscan Bunny having been around for ages), but the technique has seen a massive resurgence in trendiness over recent times across the globe. Locally, LeRoy Botha is arguably at the forefront, with some truly remarkable prawns and other critters (as featured here) coming off his […]

The Custodian

The hunt for Giant Trevally in the surf, south of the 26th parallel of latitude is what first got me to Kosi.  Somewhere in my 3rd trip I got hopelessly distracted and didn’t even make it in to the surf zone.  Ewan Kyle is the closest fishing thing to Mowgli that you will find anywhere, […]

The 100 club -updated

We’ve got a new leader! 100cm + GT’s caught in South Africa: What if we threw Mozambique into the list?  Its only a few kilometres away from where the majority of these fish were taken.  With Mozam included there is one fish that would blow all of these away, here she is;

Not too Kosi up there.

I’m not exactly known to be the chatty type, so I should have known what I was in for carrying my fly rods on the plane from Durban back home.  The wheels were barely up when my neighbor in the emergency row tapped on my shoulder hinting for me to take my earphones out. “So, […]

Mission Kosi Bay

For a long time I have considered a 100cm GT in South African Surf to be a right of passage.  From what I can gather it has been done by less than 10 people… Thanks goes to Arno for getting this together.  Awesome info: -Ben Pretorius (104cm, 111cm -Biggest ever caught on Fly in SA, […]