Jah Booty

That’s how you pronounce it, Djibouti: Jah Booty. That tiny North Eastern African country nestled quietly between Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. And that’s where we’re headed next week. Yes, that reaction you’ve just had; we’re used to it. And it’s nothing like its neighbours. Djibouti was in fact dubbed ‘Africa’s hottest new tourist destination’ a couple of […]

Something genius

Im that kid that got himself in trouble growing up from pulling apart everything.  When the first cell phones arrived I ended up with my Dads, Moms, Aunts and Uncles in pieces before I could get them back together and working without anyone knowing using my dremel modded allen key. I felt in similar position when […]

What’s In Wentzel Vermeuling’s Largemouth Yellowfish Bag

Part of the point of the What’s in The Bag articles is to get an insight into the thought processes of not only the guides and big names, but of the everyday warriors too. So when Wentzel Vermeuling (Yes, that will be a mouth full for our overseas readers!) dropped me a mail and offered […]

Ryan Weaver’s River Bag

Ryan is a fish farmer and family man. He, like Rex, seems to keep it simple and makes me feel like I have too much stuff! Oh well! So, as Ryan says, in his pack at the moment is a mad two-year-old with an opinion on everything… (I reckon that only going to worse as she […]

What’s in Rex’s River Bag

“My fishing stuff is so basic that it will make your trip look like a maplotter fishing trip.” – Rex Fey on being told, by me, that he had homework for the Lesotho trip in the form of two guest blogs! As long as I’ve known Rex, he has skoffed at those of us who […]

What’s in Fred’s Small Stream Bag

Gear is something that we as fly fishermen spend copious amounts of time dreaming about, researching, envying, buying, wanting, testing… You know what I mean and you do it to! So, we’re starting a new feature: Whats in the Bag. We’ll be getting a variety of fly fishers from a variety locations to give us […]