Fundamental Fly Tying DVD review

I know Gordon personally, so while enjoying the privilege to write a review about his movie, a step-by-step and informative fly tying DVD called Fundamental Fly Tying, I had to separate my emotions from it. Therefore, this is an honest review about my personal experience while watching Fundamental Fly Tying. Even though I chat to […]

Nautilus X-Frame: First Impressions

Yesterday I picked up my new Nautilus X-Frame and I was immediately taken by its weight. It’s just so light! Even now, after spooling, it almost feels too light to be a serious saltwater reel. But to be honest, once handled you realised what a solidly built, serious piece of kit this reel is. And it looks good […]

Something genius

Im that kid that got himself in trouble growing up from pulling apart everything.  When the first cell phones arrived I ended up with my Dads, Moms, Aunts and Uncles in pieces before I could get them back together and working without anyone knowing using my dremel modded allen key. I felt in similar position when […]

Fly Hacks – Seal Your Reel

Hardy is making some phenomenal tackle at the moment, and my curiosity of the Fortuna drag soon lead me down the dreaded sealed drag teardown after I managed to misalign the drag plates.  Under the drag knob I found something very clever.  To ensure the drag is sealed correctly the good folks at Hardy use […]

Pre-spawn is here

Last Friday I made an impulsive decision to hit one of the large still water lakes near Cape Town to prospect for smallies. I left town at about 2 pm, allowing me just more than an hour’s fishing before heading home in order to make a dinner date with my missus. I normally use a […]

Smith Optics Polarchromic Review

Angler: F Davis Make: Smith Optics Model: Techlite Polarchromic Polarised TM Copper Style: Turtle Shell Dolen Years used: 3 months Price: approx ZAR 3000 retail According to the Smith website, they “combine the glare-free benefits of advanced polarization with UV sensitive, self-tint-adjusting Polarchromic technology to bring you the most advanced sunglass lenses we have ever created”. Quite a statement from a top […]

Shilton Saltwater SL series review continued…

This is the second review in a series of on-going articles that will focus on the performance of the Shilton Saltwater SL series reels. The reviews may include photos and information on the SL6, SL7 and SL8 reels. Correction: I’d like to start this post with a correction pointed out by Chad Hubbard from Shilton […]

Smiths Optics SA Update

In a follow up to my review of the Smith’s ChromaPop Sunglasses, where I mentioned that I was waiting on Stealth SA, the Smiths dealer in South Africa to get back me, I’m pleased to say that they have not disappointed with their after sales service. Gareth Adams and Dan Factor were great in following […]