The Bungezi Beetle

The FlyVolution SeriesPhotos and words courtesy of Rex Fey I have to confess that my fly fishing over the years has been very limited in terms of what flies I use. I have a theory (though not mine) that if the fish aren’t biting you are wasting your time by changing your flies all the […]

El Nino, Natal and Some Historical Perspective

Words and photos courtesy of Rex Fey It’s the 14th January 2016, and thunder is rumbling in the distance. I reckon runaway fires could be a real problem today. Runaway fires in January you ask? Yes in January! Here in Kokstad we are having a drought of the brown kind. I hear lots of talk […]

And So They Take Flight!

Rex has been contributing for feathers for quite awhile now. In the beginning he would grumble about me prodding him for his more content. And then as punishment send me horribly unedited pieces and photos. However, he his writing has become polished and he has grown into a damn fine writer in his own right. […]

VDS Hopper

The FlyVolution Series Photos and words courtesy of Rex Fey I had never tied a hopper until a few months ago, and current creations are certainly not good looking ones like Gordon Van Der Spuy showed us at his clinic. I have, of course, modified his pattern but the general design of pattern is very […]

FlyVolution: The Para Daddy

Words by Rex Fey. Photos are his too unless otherwise credited. Two of South Africa’s most effective dry flies are Tom Sutcliffe’s “DDD”, and Tony Bigg’s “RAB”. My go-to dry fly for all situations for the last 15 years has been what I call a “Big Daddy”. Basically it’s a red-arsed DDD with a more […]


FlyVolution words and photos courtesy of Rex Fey What on earth do I mean by “Flyvolution”? Simply put; it’s evolution of a fly pattern over time. I am an avid trout fisherman, and an equally avid fly tier. Most evenings I spend either on my vice, or looking at my fly tying desk and with […]