MC Caddis  is the short abbreviated name we use for Macrostemum Capense. A  big bug on my home waters , and since agricultural & industrial pollution has wiped out the Golden Stones on most stretches , probably the biggest hatching bug we encounter. The larval form of this caddis is what the locals refer to […]


  After the first serious thunder showers of summer has rolled through , the flow of my  rivers and streams pick up well….. sometimes to well. With  some of my waters blown out at this time of the year I turn my attention to tiny meadow streams.  The nice thing is about all the rain […]

Ramblings of a Hatch Junkie : The Klinkhamer

I  started fishing this specific pattern back in 2007 and met with immediate success. Although I’ve always punted the abilities of the fly , its been slow to catch on – a blessing in disguise. Unlike the mayfly hatches where you sometimes have to go through a lot of fly changes in order to find […]

Bonefish Portrait

Last year Herman and I fished St Josephs and Poivre for a week. Looking at our pics recently, Herman’s bonefish portraits caught my attention.    

Ramblings of a Hatch Junkie: HYDROPSYCHIDAE – Minnions of Spring

From around mid-September the first caddis hatches of spring arrives almost as a windfall for hungry fish that need to stock up just before the rigors of the spawn start. It is also a windfall for the angler who has grown weary with the technicaly demanding fishing of the slow winter days. In contrast, fishing […]

Ramblings of a Hatch Junkie: Spring

Considered to be the next best time of the year , after autumn , to pursue our finned freshwater quarries , spring can be a confusing season with fishing rallying from terrible to brilliant and back again. In  my neck of the woods the birth of the new season is never a straight forward affair […]