Rex has been contributing for feathers for quite awhile now. In the beginning he would grumble about me prodding him for his more content. And then as punishment send me horribly unedited pieces and photos.

However, he his writing has become polished and he has grown into a damn fine writer in his own right. And now, for reasons not unlike Pete and mine where when started feathers, he has started his own blog. His recent sharing of fly tying ideas has very quickly made him known amongst SA’s fishing community and we look forward to seeing his.

He wants to keep sharing for the simple sake of just sharing. And have his own slice of something to remember his younger self by one day.

Despite my best efforts to get him on board as a permanent contributor, he has taken his trouting expertise to the interwebs in the of A Stream Beyond.

With his kind permission, we’ll still be publishing his work but we also forward to a genuine guy publishing genuine fishing content. Big ups Feydawg!

Check out his first post at Visiting My Old Haunts

Rex in his element
Rex in his element
Fred Davis

Fred Davis

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