It all started after the trip of a lifetime to a tiny atoll in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Two fishermen with different approaches, different thought processes, different styles and shared passion for catching fish on fly were thrown together in small room on Farquhar. The rest just happened!

The idea to combine our thoughts was born in the silence of the flats and the laughs of stories shared after a long day on the water. And although the suggestion was made on those hallowed waters of Farquhar, it wasn’t actually discussed until much later. And now, at fruition of the idea, we have “Feathers and Flouro: A fly journey.”

Peter, already established in the blogging world and most certainly holding a rugged reputation as fly tier and catcher of big fish, made the thought word and put the idea to Fred. He wanted a platform from which to simply share and, more importantly, store valuable information, experiences and ideas without the bullshit* that surrounds much of our sport and for these to be available to not just us but those to come.

It didn’t take much for a hook up, Fred (having recently set off on his own mission to share through photos and words on his own blog) bit hard!

Our plan is to bring a fusion of two different fishermen. One; slightly OCD, huge attention to detail, goal driven, neat and tidy and salt orientated, and another; slightly ADD, detail is found in the lack thereof, untidy and happy fishing in any water for any species. These opposing styles will be sealed together with the passion that we both share: to fish for fish with a fly rod and a feather at the end of the line.

We want to tell you the story of our journey in fly fishing and through this, tell the story of our sport; our passion.

So we invite you to read, enjoy, comment and learn. This is a South African Fly Fishing Blog about South African and international fly fishing for anybody who is, or wants to be, a fly fisher.

This is our memento to fly fishing…