Vintage Clip of the Day. Flip and Dave after Lake Michigan Mudbones

5 thoughts on “Vintage Clip of the Day. Flip and Dave after Lake Michigan Mudbones”

  1. Leonard Flemming says:

    Wooohooo, crawdad munchin mudbones! This is gold Pete. Just didn’t like the boga part.

  2. Edward Truter says:

    Classy TV and classy scripting. Such a pleasure to watch and enjoy and without a hint of the sensationalist, discontinuity-edit crap and jarring electric guitar that floods most of today’s fishing TV. A really lekker way to spend 18 minutes.

  3. Ewan says:

    Man, that’s a special clip

  4. Ray says:

    Man, this brought tears to my eyes. I was a disciple of Walker’s Cay and Spanish Fly. These guys were so ahead of their time. These guys are THE old school, the old G, the Pioneres of SWFF, Flip, Stu, Jose, Sosan, Kreh, Whitlock, They don’t make em like this anymore. Now it’s all about grinding generic rock music, a thousand cut always, rewinds, slow-mo, and self congratulatory show boating.
    Thanks Pete!

  5. Andre Van Wyk says:

    Absolutely amazing piece.. Pallot and Whitlock, absolutely class act… The camera work and editing, and content are so fresh and genuine compared with so much of what we see in todays TV shows… and the absolute lack of sponsor branding everywhere, and lack of shameless plugging of sponsors by the presenters every 30 seconds is so much more pleasing to watch and enjoy… Genuine anglers, doing it properly with no ego… class..

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