I’ve always been fascinated by pike and would love to catch the various members of the family Esocidae; looking forward to this high quality movie about the pike in northern America; many thanks for this RA Beattie.

Leonard Flemming

Leonard Flemming

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Great footage of topwater fly fishing for pike – the full movie should be available by now…Thanks Liam Surridge for sharing;)

UK pike on fly

Gerald Penkler recently got lucky with his first pike on fly. The 10 pounder was caught approx. 6 m deep on a rainbow trout imitation. He

Yukon Pike

Photos by Jim Klug Contributor profile The name Jim Klug spells “fly fishing” and not only in the States, but on a global scale.  Jim, accompanied

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  1. Nice! Happy memories – I used to live in the Canadian Arctic, above the Arctic Circle – and catch these big and beautiful ferocious pike on the fly. I used to tie flies for pike fishermen – big, gaudy and strong flies that had to withstand repeated attacks. On some lakes I used an 8 weight rod, on others, I used a 4 weight to increase the fun. Also caught grayling, lake trout, ling cod and arctic char up there.

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