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A  quick update… The going was hard looking for Dorado – the popular waters and accesible waters on the Rio Juramento were crowded and dirty and to rub salt in the wounds, I broke my rod on day1! Now we’ve had flooding in Corrientes and Ibera and the Rio Corrientes are unfiashable for at least a week. Negs…

However, with some insight, gut feel and gesticulating sign language in place of my mierda espanol we found a magnificent river in the Salta area. A long rough drive in the rental followed by a long hot walk to the stream after found us next to the most magical piece of water I have come across.

Crystal clear, narrowing to two meters in some of the runs,  wide slow moving pools and lots of sight fishing. It was where I’d always dreamt of catching a Dorado. It was like a trout stream occupied with trout that had been taking steroids and gold dye for too long!

A couple of shots from the day – apologies for the size of the files but I can’t edit at this internet cafe. All these chaps were caught on a #5  which resulted in me chasing a couple of the bigger boys downstream. Fun fun fun! They aren’t the real busses from the big rivers and expensive lodges but I wouldn’t swop the day for anything.

Hope you’re all well.


Golden Dorado on Fly
Golden Dorado on Fly
Golden Dorado on Fly
Golden Dorado on Fly
Golden Dorado on Fly
Peter Coetzee

Peter Coetzee

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