100% strike rate this season on the grunts so far.  A stark contrast to previous seasons.  New fly, new technique, new river.  6 different systems now.  It seems we’re turning a corner.  Will upload a pic when Im back on a computer and can check the old Gopro.

Peter Coetzee

Peter Coetzee

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  1. howsit Peter. that is awesome man. are you targeting them on the flats? last week i fished a river in East London and had a few grunter chase my fly all the way to the boat and i successfully landed a 58cm FL spotty on fly. what a fish. It would be awesome if i could try some of your flies out in this river.
    Regards, Shaun

  2. i will try get the photos today off my mates camera and send them through to you. will name the system on the email. have a good day

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