This is Pauls hookup at the start of what became an incredible day.  This is the fish that got in the cave.  Jako tailed for a good 10 minutes to get it out.

Paul Imperia Hooked up
Paul Imperia Hooked up
Paul Imperia hooked up
Paul Imperia hooked up

From my post on day 2 (

“As I started back Paul hooked up, and the shoal went mad as his fish raced accross the flat.  And then something very funny happened.  The Bumpie shot in a hole and then turned around, Trigger style.

I ran to Paul inquisitively.
“Whats going on!?”
“Its in a whole, right here”
How funny.  Right under a coral head.  Paul kept pressure while Jaco slid his hand down the leader.  i had visions of that beak taking a finger or two with it.  Luckily it didnt.
We had oursevles a Mexican stand off.  The fish wouldnt move.  The angler wouldnt either.
Jaco ran to the boat to get the net and Paul and I discussed the probability of landing the fish.  Not good.

Now well and truly convinced this fish was a possibility I headed back to get the Urchin fly.  I got it and continuied to the shoal which had now moved to the surf zone.  I glanced back and there was Paul, still standing with the rod bent.  In front of him was a new specie tailing.  Jako- Farquharus Guidis.   His whole body now submerged, save for his Simms boots.  If they land this fish this has to be the single most impressive display of guiding commitment ive ever seen I thought.  Putting your whole body in a Bumpie hole is a serious risk.   And as I was thinking that there was a massive commotion from the tailing guide.  There goes his head, I thought.  Followed by some serious fist pumping on both ends.  They have it!  Incredible.”

Yours Truly
Yours Truly
Peter Coetzee

Peter Coetzee

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