The Kokstad Twist

I will never forget meeting Rex Fey. It goes back to 1st year Simonsberg Residence at Stellenbosch University in 2001. I was terrible fly tier. He was amazing. I could catch fish. So could he! But he could tie tiny perfect dries – and catch fish. I had to catch up!  We fished, we bantered, […]

Herman’s Yellow

I’ve been trying to write this post for a week now, but couldn’t get the right angle to take. After considering a few options, the pressure from people who have seen the pic and want to know ‘wat is die storie dude???’ became to much, so here’s the story. Last Wednesday my brother Herman arrived […]

Local Fish Mission for 2014

While Pete is chasing a Leerie the size of an average child, I’m moving into the mountains of the Western Cape. Goal #1 is a 10lb plus Clanwilliam Yellowfish (Labeobarbus Capensis). This highly threatened predatory grows in excess of 15lb and are only found in the Olifants/Doring River System. Goal #2 is 3lb plus Witvis (Barbus […]

Yellowfish on the Dry

Few things are as fun as catching fish on a dry fly. The visual stimulation is intense and the anticipation always hi. It is even better when it’s indigenous yellow fish that are sipping off the surfaces. The fairly newly formed TheFlyGuides got me all jealous with this awesome video showing off some of our national fishing […]

There are very few Carp Ive worked as hard for as this one.  These guys tail on the dam wall here.  With quick access to deep water they vanish in an instant and the entire area is rocks.  Presentation is almost impossible.  I hid behind a bush while this guy tailed on a rock and […]

Them Bones

Yellowfish really are the true freshwater bonefish.  They pull unlike anything else in the fresh.  This system was flooded a year ago and I was curious to see where the fish held and relocated.  As expected they are in the runs above the deepest pools.  Some in extremely shallow water.  This guy charged up a […]