Subtlety – Guide Days 3

A few weekends ago I spent the weekend showing a visiting Canadian both our streams and out saltwater fishing in the Western Cape. Unfortunately the booking, made months earlier, coincided with the CPS River Festival. Not only did this mean I would miss this fantastic event – it’s an absolute treat of an event; well […]

EP 3 Report

Beat 3 of Elandspad is one of my favourites. We had a fantastic start to the day. No wind, fish moving and clear sky. As always, this time of year on any Cape Stream shows up all your casting weaknesses and helps you realise the ABSOLUTE importance of presentation. Fish were caught all day on […]

Season Opener

Ryan Weaver is a good friend and great fisherman. Thank heavens he also has access to some lovely waters. I had beat six booked on Holsloot for the day based the thought that being a tail water, it may help with the higher than normal early season water levels. However, upon arriving at the gate, […]

And sometimes you blank…

The day started cold, dark and wet. It didn’t really improve. I met Ryan Weaver and Abraham de Klerk on the roadside – Ryan’s wife Jen, laughed at us as she headed to Kommetjie, a glass of sherry and warmth. We headed north, in the opposite direction, towards a new stillwater we had managed to […]