The Kokstad Twist

I will never forget meeting Rex Fey. It goes back to 1st year Simonsberg Residence at Stellenbosch University in 2001. I was terrible fly tier. He was amazing. I could catch fish. So could he! But he could tie tiny perfect dries – and catch fish. I had to catch up!  We fished, we bantered, […]

Season Opener

Ryan Weaver is a good friend and great fisherman. Thank heavens he also has access to some lovely waters. I had beat six booked on Holsloot for the day based the thought that being a tail water, it may help with the higher than normal early season water levels. However, upon arriving at the gate, […]

Get out and explore!

I got an email from Rex Fey yesterday. Attached were several photos – they are below. His message went something like this: Davis Hope the Cape winter is treating you well. I’ve been exploring. Look what I found… Fey The photos looked something like this: There is still so much undiscovered water in our country. […]

And sometimes you blank…

The day started cold, dark and wet. It didn’t really improve. I met Ryan Weaver and Abraham de Klerk on the roadside – Ryan’s wife Jen, laughed at us as she headed to Kommetjie, a glass of sherry and warmth. We headed north, in the opposite direction, towards a new stillwater we had managed to […]

Close of Season Inspiration

Seeing as close of season on the Cape Streams is almost upon us here in South Africa, I thought I’d send some inspiration to all the day dreamers and arm-chair anglers out there to get out on the water… Many thanks to Neil Rowe for photos and last weekend’s Sunday Morning. Not the most productive […]

Reminiscing: Jan du Toits

In amongst Rex’s photos of far (and near) flung African trout was a folder that included some photos from one of our Jan du Toits trips. We were in varsity, keen to hit any water, sleep on the boulders and explore. They were good days. Enjoy the photos…