The Humpday Unwind: Freckles

This week’s Humpday Unwind comes in from Ray Montoya. Nothing like a little DIY Permit hunting on the Arabian Perninsula! Ray’s the man when it comes to DIY fly fishing so let him take you on some midweek daydreaming!

What a trip.

I added the link a week or so back and I see its been getting some love.  If you like Permit fishing and the DIY trip check this out.  One of the most awesome reports on the back of some serious risk as the Chronicles boys head across the pond to look for Arabian Permit.  […]

Lunchtime Permit… Drool

Today I was having a fairwell lunch at la Reserve on Praslin when I happened to glance over the railing. This is what I saw: And no, I didn’t have a fly rod. And no, couldn’t go get it. Stop! Stop shaking your head like that! I may have cried a little inside!

Evening Permit

So I’ve been trying crack the Mullet problem lately. I have been wanting to catch Mugil Cephalus (Mullet) without chum for ages now. Using bread, it’s easy. But I want one without using a starchy chum and a ‘Bread Fly’. I’ve been playing with floating shrimps, blood worms and variety of educated guesses but the Muggles have been difficult. There […]