Florida with Fabien

Fabien Forget, the mad Martian, recently spent a few days chasing the Silver King down in Florida… He bent his rod, lucky sod!

Massive Holes

Brent Flack-Davison went chasing Tarpon and was unkind enough to send us this vid by Richard Stacey. It’s epic!

Darkest African Tarpon

http://vimeo.com/61187474 Jako Lucas of Flycastaway dropped this on Pete and my fb walls. So this was filmed back in 2009, the fisherman who finishes heartbroken is Gerhard Laubscher of Flycastaway on an exploratory mission.  See the below comment string from facebook – Gerhard’s comment pretty much sums it up!

Testing The Traditional

I find cane rods fascinating. I love to fish them and wish I owned several for small stream work. In my mind a split cane rod is an exquisite piece of craftsmanship used for the delicate work of soft dry fly presentations to wary wild trout. I always saw the essence of a cane rod […]

Saffas get some Poon

A month or so back saw four South African fly fishers – Brent Flack Davidson, Ray Fletcher, Simon Stacey and Richard Stacey – tackling the Silver Kings on the fabled waters of the Florida Keys. Good to see the Saffas mixing it with these beasts! These fish leave big holes in the water – just watch […]