Tiger Hunt – by Thomas Andrews

Text by Thomas Andrews (photos by Thomas Andrews and Tourette Fishing) I’ve been fascinated by African tigerfish for most of my angling life, even though I live half a world away in Australia. I don’t remember where I first learned about them, but it was many years ago and once I’d discovered them I wanted to […]

Tanzania fish species 2011 continued…

Here are the rest of them… Labeobarbus sp. – possible new species   Labeobarbus sp. – possible new species; same as above (adult fish)?   Labeo sp. – possible new species.   Possible Chiloglanis sp.   Labeo sp. – possible new species.   Unidentified barb – note the large eyes; this fish was caught at […]

Tanzania fish species 2011

There was a request that I reveal the fish species that I collected in Tanzania in the year 2011. Here is a list of photographs and the species names (some are still unidentified or a closely related fish species is suggested until further tests prove it otherwise) of the sampled fish. As always, feedback would be greatly […]