Sand Sharkin around

It was an incredible day yesterday.  No swell.  Not a breath of wind.  Had “sand sharks in the surf” written all over it.  I shot up the West Coast late afternoon and got straight to it. Id tied one of those funny new flies you seen on the forums and thought id give that a […]

Jimmys Raccoon

Jimmy Eagleton is the sand shark king.  His flies have evolved over years and years, however the first fly he gave me years ago has been my go-to fly for a long time.  It doesn’t really have a name from its owner, but its aggressive and grizzly and furry, so Raccoon it shall be. Jimmys […]

Saving the Sand Sharks reputation

I had a great session this last Sunday.  1 Bull Ray, 2 Blacktail and countless Sand Sharks.  Having a GoPro on board I decided to do a little video illustrating the great difference in fighting ability between a foul hooked and properly hooked Sand Shark. They are extremely tricky to catch and are great fighters, […]